Williamsburg shopping centers to be renovated

November 27, 2017 by  

Bethesda real estate firm Broad Street Realty is planning major changes in Williamsburg. The firm plans to buy the Monticello Shopping Center soon, and will also redevelop the Williamsburg Shopping Center.

Most of the changes planned at Monticello are surface changes, such as updating the buildings’ exteriors to give them a more modern look. These cosmetic changes are part of the firm’s Midtown Row project, which includes both shopping centers.

The firm’s plans for the Williamsburg Shopping Center are much more extensive, and include adding residential areas, as well as making structural changes. The Williamsburg City Council will have to approve these measures.

Demolition of part of the Williamsburg Shopping Center has already started, and construction at Monticello will begin as soon as the purchase is final. The whole project is expected to take slightly over two years to finish.

The Midtown Row is a mixed-use project, with both residences and retail spaces planned, as well as a hotel. Some of the stores already operating in the centers will remain in place, while others will be relocated, but remain in the complex. In addition to current tenants, Midtown Row will add new retailers, with a total of 240,000 square feet of space available for retail use.

Projects like this can benefit if developers create brochures to illustrate the amenities available at the center, and offer them to prospective tenants.