ShopRite opens renovated store near Northvale

November 20, 2017 by  

ShopRite recently reopened its Hillsdale store, just a 15-minute drive from Northvale, after extensive renovations.

Customers visiting the shop will find a number of new amenities, including a cafe with seating, and an expanded department of prepared foods. People in a hurry can pick up a ready-to-go meal prepared by a chef. ShopRite has also brought back an in-house butcher, who is certified organic. At the new butcher counter, customers will be able to order organic pork, poultry, and beef – all custom cut to order.

In addition, ShopRite now features a Dietician Wellness Center where shoppers can have private consultations with Jaclyn Podovano, RD, the in-house dietician. The seafood and bakery departments have also been expanded as the store seeks to improve the shopping experience for its customers, both online and in-store. In the seafood department, a shellfish spa has been added, keeping seafood in saltwater. Cases for holding seafood have been enlarged to stock seasonal seafood held overnight for delivery to ShopRite customers the next day.

ShopRite has also invested in sustainable and energy-saving technologies, updating its lighting and refrigeration to include glass doors on freezer and dairy cases, LED lighting in the entire store, and a better refrigeration system to maximize efficiency.

When this kind of establishment opens, managers can enhance their business by working with a flyer printing company that can create a mailer for surrounding communities, including Northvale, so people know about the renovation.