Uncertainty surrounds redevelopment at Rohr Park

November 20, 2017 by  

A popular San Diego-area attraction could be in danger if a redevelopment plan comes to fruition.

A proposal to redevelop the Chula Vista Golf Course, along with Rohr Park, has attracted the concern those who love the Chula Vista Live Steamers – a one-eighth scale railroad that has been operating in Rohr Park for 43 years.

Scott Lewis is the Live Steamers’ president, and became anxious when he saw a post on Facebook by the Urban Land Institute San Diego—Tijuana Technical Assistance Report that showed the proposed redevelopment, and the map shown did not include the Steamers’ tracks. This led Lewis to attend a recent city council meeting to find out more.

Chula Vista resident Miguel Contreras, as well as Mary Salas, the mayor of Chula Vista, both have pleasant memories of riding the train, and taking their children and grandchildren to the park for train rides as well.

The land comprising Rohr Park was deeded to Chula Vista with the proviso that it could only be used as a park, meaning any attempt to change its status would require a major legal effort. This information has reassured Lewis and the other volunteers who run the railroad, but they will be keeping a close eye on developments.

Organizations like this can benefit if officials create flyers to mail to members and friends, keeping them informed of any upcoming action on the issue.