New gaming experience becomes more visible in Gastonia

November 19, 2017 by  

Xtreme Xcapes in Gastonia recently moved to a new storefront inside the Eastridge Mall, immediately right on the first floor after entering the mall through Dillard’s.

The new location has 4,200 square feet, which will allow the owners, Jessie Relation and her husband Matthew, and her parents, Robert and Michelle Alexander, to have a total of five escape rooms. Of those, four are operational – one with a Halloween theme that will be replaced later in the month by a room with a Christmas theme.

The space also has a party room for corporate events and birthday parties, and a conference room.

In an escape room, teams of between 2 and 10 people have an hour to find codes and solve puzzles so they can escape from the room in which they have been locked inside. However, people can leave the game at any time.

Jessie Relation said the activity is becoming a popular team-building exercise, ranging from participants like friends and families who want to have a good time, to corporate groups looking for a new, challenging experience. The cost is $20 per person and is opened from Wednesday through Sunday.

Poster printing companies can be hired to create posters that can be displayed throughout the mall so that people can become aware of a store’s new location in situations such as this one and help to attract more business.