Tempe open house to explore the world of science

November 19, 2017 by  

This winter, a Tempe institution will be hosting its first ever public open house, and everyone is welcome to come and learn more about what goes on in Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV of Tempe’s campus of the ASU.

During this community event, area residents will be able to learn more about scientific exploration through a variety of hands-on activities. Scientists Kelin Whipple and Arjun Heimsath will be giving a brief lecture, and visitors will also be able to take on one of the 3D shows that will be screened in the planetarium. Telescopes will be available for attendees to try, and experts in a variety of scientific fields will be on hand to ask questions and discuss the latest advances in their particular area of expertise.

Rock hounds will be able to view displays set up by the university’s GeoClub, and the center for Meteorite Studies will also be open. There will be many other space-related exhibits to browse through as well, and at some of them, visitors will be able to make a souvenir to take home with them. Banners and other large sized printed items for an event like this can be sourced from a local printer.

This open house and evening of scientific exploration will be held at 781 South Terrace Road in Tempe on February 16, 2018. It is free to participate, and more details can be obtained by visiting the organizer’s Facebook page listings.