Cedar Park workshop can lead to composting success

November 17, 2017 by  

Composting can be an easy way for Cedar Park residents to do a good turn for the Earth, and an upcoming workshop will share secrets of how they can do this in their very own yard.

The class, which is being offered free of charge, will explore composting and the benefits it can provide. There will be a discussion of what can and can’t be composted, how to make sure the compost is breaking down food scraps, yard clippings, and other organic materials effectively, and other topics that can lead to horticultural success when used in the garden.

The workshop is being brought to the community as part of the Home Composting Rebate Program administered through the city of Austin. Those who pay the Clean Community Fee as part of their utility bill may be able to qualify for a rebate on the purchase of a home composting system with which they can put their new knowledge to use. Poster printing techniques can be used by an area print company to produce promotional materials for a workshop like this.

This learning opportunity will be offered at the Lakeline Farmer’s Market in Cedar Park. More information about the class, as well as a chance to secure a seat by registering well ahead of time, can be found on the Austin Recycles Facebook Page.