Torrance residents invited to become small-scale urban farmers

November 17, 2017 by  

Microgreens are a food item that people can grow in their own home, and a Torrance area event will show them how.

The Learn to Grow Microgreens workshop will explore the different plants that can be grown as microgreens, discuss their nutritional benefits, and also provide details and hands-on examples of how people can grow them for themselves right in their own home. There will also be a discussion of how they can be added to recipes or simply eaten freshly picked in a salad, as a garnish or on their own.

The group of learners will gather in the South Bay Galleria Mall parking lot, and will set out from there to visit MicrogreensLA Farm #1, which can be found at 1815 Hawthorne Boulevard in Redondo Beach. Each participant in the daylong class will receive their own microgreens growing kit, which includes the seeds, soil, and trays needed to grow a crop of these food plants for themselves. Simple user manuals and other printed materials for inclusion in kits like these can be supplied by a local printing company.

This learning opportunity, which will teach members of the public how they can provide a small part of their own food security, will be taking place on November 13. Anyone who is interested in finding out more can do so on the MicrogreensLA website.