London to transform parking lot into town center

November 16, 2017 by  

At the beginning of November, city officials in London met to discuss a parking lot located near the edge of the downtown area. The lot had previously been used by a hospital and motel, but now mainly sits empty.

Although a parking lot can provide a solution to an often frustrating problem, this discussion revolved around the possibility that in this case, perhaps it was sacrificing space that could be used for better things.

The city of London recently bought the parking lot. Now, discussions and plans are underway to transform it into a central hub known as Town Center. The name of the activity hub is in honor of the Town Center Motel, which was located near the lot years ago.

Speaking to the Times-Tribune, Chris Robinson, the executive director for the London Tourism Commission, stated:

“Rarely does a city have this opportunity in this day and time to create a space like this in the heart of the community, so it was essential that this property come into the City’s hands and that we use it for the greatest impact for the community and for tourism.”

Cities sometimes use banners to let people know what the plans are for a vacant lot or empty property. So far, the Town Center project is in the earliest stages of planning. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, a few of the ideas put forward include an ice skating rink, a pavilion, and a permanent stage.