Exhibition near Williston Park focuses on ‘60s and ‘70s art

November 16, 2017 by  

The middle of the 20th Century was a revolutionary time in the art world, and a new exhibition, opening at the Heckscher Museum of Art, near Williston Park, will shine a spotlight on the multiple styles and approaches used by artists in the 1960s and 1970s.

Titled “From Frankenthaler to Warhol: Art of the ’60s and ’70s”, the exhibition will highlight the division felt in the art world in response to the rise of Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s.

Some artists chose to focus on formal elements and to represent the visible world in their paintings and artworks.

Other artists took the opposite approach, focusing on the abstract and creating artworks inspired by mathematical constructions. Repetition is often found in those abstract works, as is a focus on shape, color, and line. Those who chose to reject abstraction turned their attention to everyday objects and daily life.

Museums often use postcard printing to let patrons know about their upcoming exhibitions and the artists whose work will be on view. The exhibition at the Hechscher will feature artists known for pop art, minimalism, photorealism, and color field works. Featured artists include Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, and Robert Rauschenberg.

The exhibition will open this Saturday, November 18, and will continue until March 11 of next year.