Royersford ready to learn about love languages

November 16, 2017 by  

A workshop is on the way for Royersford that will give both couples and single people alike an opportunity to learn more about the complexities of human romantic relationships.

Gena Silva will be serving as the facilitator for the ‘What’s Your Love Language?’ seminar, and she will be exploring the different ways that people express their love for one another using both verbal and nonverbal means. She refers to these as ‘love languages’, and she will be discussing these, and also how understanding the ‘language’ one’s romantic partner uses. can help them to have a happier relationship.

The workshop is open to both couples and single people alike, and the organizer noted that both can benefit from attending. Only a limited number of spaces are available, so anyone who would like to participate will need to register their interest to do so ahead of time. An $20 instructor fee will be charged to each person who takes part. Graphic design can be utilized to create promotional products, handouts, and other materials for a learning opportunity like this.

The RainDance Life Center will be the location for this event, and it can be found at 830 Chestnut Street in Royersford. It will be held on the evening of December 14, and anyone who would like to find out more has been asked to call 215.692.0111.