Bike sharing initiative coming to Raleigh

November 19, 2017 by  

Bike sharing programs are available throughout the country, but they are still uncommon in Raleigh and the Triangle area. That will change soon, as these programs are introduced to the city.

In Raleigh, officials will introduce a bike sharing effort in 2018. Sarah O’Brien, who is studying the way people use bicycles on behalf of NC State’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education, said bike sharing programs have the same appeal as Lyft or Uber, which speak to people who want on-demand transportation that forms part of a shared service. The only difference is they are sharing bicycles instead of cars.

Bike sharing is proving to be especially popular with college students. When the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill made 100 bikes available last fall, the idea took off, and 400 people signed up in a few days.

Renting a bicycle for a short time is inexpensive, putting this option within the reach of many people. O’Brien says that people want to get out of their cars and have other options to meet their transportation needs.

Raleigh plans to put 300 bicycles at 30 stations throughout the city when it starts its bike-sharing program. Organizers say they want to have the service up and running in May 2018.

In order to introduce a measure like this, officials might work with a flyer printing company, which could create flyers to be displayed where the new stations will be installed.