Lebanon officials ask for residents’ help in battling snow

November 15, 2017 by  

Lebanon officials are reminding residents that when snow falls in the area, it becomes a major factor in city operations, and they are asking for help in dealing with snowfall.

First, the city does not start plowing for minor flurries; the snow has to accumulate to a depth of at least one inch, and the forecast has to indicate it will not melt. Then, the Public Works Department sends out the plows, which work to a priority list.

The first thoroughfares to be plowed are major arteries, or those streets with dangerous curves or hills. These are tackled first so that emergency responders can get through.

Next are secondary streets, which are defined as those that intersect the major arteries. The last spots to be treated are cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets.

Lebanon uses several methods to keep the streets clear, including plowing and salting. However, when the temperate dips below 20°F, salt can no longer melt snow and ice, so the city switches to a salt-brine solution, which makes it hard for snow and ice to stick.

City officials are asking residents to help them by clearing snow from in front of homes and businesses, not pushing snow into the street, and leaving room for the plows by not parking in cul-de-sacs or on the street.

Officials will want to disseminate information like this widely, so they could turn to a flyer printing company to create a mailer for residents.