Encinitas tasting room has no parking

November 15, 2017 by  

Encinitas’s Traffic Engineering Division has said there is not enough space to create parking spots behind a new business, or for a vehicle to back into the alley from the proposed parking space.

In addition, there is an enclosed dumpster that blocks sight lines, and the parking spots would be right in front of a row of garages, in a section of a blind alley where a fence blocks views to the north and south.

The property is question is behind Saint Archer, a brewer from San Diego, which recently won approval from the Encinitas Planning Commission for its tasting room. Saint Archer opened its new shop in the space formerly occupied by the Fern Boutique, located on Highway 101 between Paddle Planet and Surfy Surfy. It was after concerns arose about the difficulty of parking at the location that the commission asked the developer and staff to develop plans for parking, resulting in the negative report.

The staff report also says a city incentive could still be awarded to the developer, since it is not necessary for it to add any parking spaces if the floor space of the building is not increased, even though more patrons are expected.

Despite the parking difficulties, Saint Archer’s neighbors, including Coffee Coffee and Surfy Surfy, as well as the Sheriff’s Department, said they were glad to see the brewer moving in.

Establishments like this could use festive banners to help celebrate their opening.