Swedish retailer to come to Cary

November 14, 2017 by  

The Town Council recently approved a plan to build an IKEA store in Cary.

The store will be 380,000 square feet in size and located near Cary Towne Center on 20 acres of land. The proposal calls for demolition to begin early in 2018, followed by groundbreaking in 2019, and the opening of the store in 2020.

Tim Devinney with Cary Forward, a group that lobbied for the store, commented that the store will draw people from the eastern part of the state to Cary, so they will be able to learn about the town as well.

In September, the Cary Planning and Zoning Board approved the rezoning of the land to allow for the store and modifications to roadways, as there is expected to be an increase in traffic in the area.

In addition, as Cary has some strict requirements on the appearances of businesses in the town, officials had to bend some of their rules, as IKEA buildings are large blue and yellow buildings.

The construction of the building will bring 500 jobs to Cary during that time, and then 300 people will be hired once the stored is opened.

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