Columbia class to teach life-saving techniques

November 14, 2017 by  

Knowing CPR and AED (automated external defibulator) techniques can help someone save a life, and a workshop that will teach these skills will soon be taking place in Columbia

The course, which will include live instruction and video components, will be taught according to American Heart Association’s Heartsaver’s guidelines. It will teach those who participate what to do if someone is choking or experiencing a cardiac emergency. This can help to keep someone alive until trained medical services arrive at the scene.

The workshop will cover techniques that are used for children, infants, and adults, and is intended for anyone who has no previous experience. Those who successfully complete the training will be given a certification card from the American Heart Association that will be good for the next two years.

Each student will have their own manikin to practice with during the class, and the registration fee for the three-hour event will be $60 per person. Handouts and other materials for an educational function like this can be sourced from an area stationery printing service.

Columbia’s Drury Inn and Suites’ meeting room will be the location for this CPR and AED workshop. It is open to all, and anyone who would like to learn more about the instruction or any of the other programs the organizer administers, is invited to visit its website for additional details.