Officials urge residents to help snow plows

November 13, 2017 by  

Winter is on the way, and Cottonwood Heights officials have posted reminders for drivers and residents about actions they can take that will help city crews with snow removal in the upcoming colder months.

Perhaps the most important measure residents can take to help the city is to keep their trees properly trimmed. Property owners are required by the city code to trim their tree branches so there are at least 13.5 feet between the lowest branch and the road. When branches are lower, snowplows are forced to swerve around them, which leaves some stretches unplowed. In other areas, it means that the plows can’t push the snow to the curb. Low-hanging branches have the potential to damage the trucks, which can result in costly repairs.

Residents are also asked to keep the sides of the roads and streets clear by taking garbage cans in as quickly as possible after storm events so the plows can get all the way to the curb.

Finally, city officials want to remind drivers that street parking before, during, and after a storm is forbidden, since cars can be stuck by heavy snow, which will block the plows. This can delay the plowing of that particular street, and may result in either a fine for a parking violation, or having the vehicle towed.

Issues like this are important to a whole community, so officials could work with a flyer printing company on a mailer for residents.