Burnsville class to teach secrets of going chic on a budget

November 13, 2017 by  

Farmhouse-style furniture is a popular décor choice, and during a Burnsville class, members of the public will be able to learn how they can craft a table of their very own without breaking the bank to do it.

American Workshop has planned an event that will see participants make a farmhouse style coffee table. The organizers noted that the entire project will only take about two hours, and no previous experience is necessary to be able to take part.

The instructor will take the students through the process of crafting the table, using step-by-step instructions and hands-on techniques. The total cost for the materials comes in at around $40, and this is included in the ticket price., which has been set at $112 each. This fee also covers the use of American Workshop’s power woodworking equipment, instruction, and the table itself. A printer will be able to use booklet printing techniques to craft instruction guides and other materials that can be given to each person who comes to an event like this.

December 28 has been chosen to be the date for this woodworking activity, and it will be taking place at 12040 Riverwood Drive in Burnsville. More information about the day, as well as the variety of workshops, is available on its Facebook page.