New parking meters introduced to the city

November 8, 2017 by  

Oklahoma City is updating its parking meters from coin operated to computer-based models.

Parking meters started in Oklahoma City over 80 years ago, but the city had yet to upgrade the meters until this year. They became popular after the streetcar went out of style and cars became more common, then changed how city planners, businesses, and residents needing transportation made use of the city and various zones.

Today, more cities rely on digital meters that can take both coins and credit cards. The ones in Oklahoma City, on the other hand, date back 40 or 50 years, and businesses that fixed them have mostly disappeared.

According to the parking services manager of Oklahoma City, Cory Hubert, many servicing companies do not work with the old models. The newer models are powered by solar, but the traditional ones should be around until next year.

With meters come fines for parking offenses. They will still be implimented with the new models and the five readers walking the streets.

The new meters have not been met with universal approval. One resident, 48-year-old Will Cross, told The Denver Post preferred the traditional meters and found the new technology difficult to understand. For any residents who might be having trouble using the meters, a printing company can make instruction stickers in situations like this.