Chagrin Falls officials and residents discuss plans for iconic bridge

November 2, 2017 by  

Chagrin Falls’ Village Parks Commission has been presented with several options that could be used to replace the Main Street bridge railing as part of a reconstruction project. The bridge is scheduled to undergo a two-year rebuilding beginning in 2019.

Late in October, parks committee members met with members of the Cuyahoga County commission for public works to pick out railing options for the bridge. The seven final designs were subjected to a standardized crash test, and all passed. It is now up to the committee to make a final selection this month.

Members of the public were invited to add their input as well. Many were concerned with the design of the railing, but the parks commission chair, Anne DeConingh, said the commission’s concern was more to do with safety; specifically, they were worried that children might climb the railing and fall into the river.

The bridge, which is built of stone, was constructed in the 1800s with a flat-topped railing, as well as metal lattice work. Designs for the new rail, which will also be made of metal, include railings with flat tops, round tops, or pickets, among others.

Officials dealing with a project that impacts everyone may work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer to keep residents informed of the project’s status.