Middletown announces fall leaf pick up schedule

October 31, 2017 by  

One sure sign of fall in Middletown is the colorful leaves that have fallen to the ground, and the community has organized its annual leaf collection from city residences.

Residents of the city who have leaves they have raked and need to dispose can choose to bag them in biodegradable yard waste bags made from brown paper, which are available in many hardware stores and other retail locations. Alternatively, they can simply rake them to the curb for pick up. The public is asked to not use plastic bags for leaf litter, and they must be kept separated from grass, brush, branches other debris and household trash. A printer’s mailing services department will be able to send out notices to all area households to let them know when an event like this is taking place.

Throughout the next two months, city work crews will be operating throughout the area to gather the leaves, and will be using specially designed vacuum trucks to do so. People are asked to refrain from putting the leaves into the street, as this can clog storm drains and may be dangerous should children play in them. If desired, leaves can also be taken to the Middletown Recycling Center for disposal.

The leaf pick-up schedule is set to start on October 30th, and it will run for the next two months. Anyone who wants more details can find them on the community’s website.