Concord annexes land for mixed-use development

October 29, 2017 by  

Property planned for a residential project and additional land on N.C. 49 slated for a mixed-use development were recently voted by the Concord City Council to be annexed by the city. Another property on which almost 600 homes could have been built was declined.

The developing Land Use Plan was used by the Concord City Council to help it determine its choices about which properties to leave alone and which ones could be brought into the city limits.

The mixed-use development, which might include a hotel, is a piece of land that is 14.5 acres in size near the Cabarrus Arena and Events Center. In additional to a hotel, the development may include commercial opportunities and multifamily residential units. It is owned by Patti Bost and Ronas Hess, and the annexation partner is WHIP’D LLC.

Brian Hiatt, City Manager, commented that there is a lot of growth in the area planned for the development and members of the Council wanted to use the Land Use Plan first to get a handle on it. Some sewer extensions would be needed, and they would be paid for by the developer.

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