San Rafael seminar to explore teaching profession

October 29, 2017 by  

A San Rafael seminar will be taking a look at the teaching profession, and sharing tips that educators can use to keep students interested in learning and engaged in the subject being taught.

Aaron Pribble, an award-winning educator and author, will be the facilitator for the event, and he will be sharing ideas teachers can use in their classrooms. Some of the topics on the agenda for discussion include how to manage a classroom filled with energetic adolescents so they can make the most of their educational experience, how to even out the conditions so that all pupils have an equal chance to learn, and also how a teacher’s friends and colleagues can help to keep them from feeling isolated and alone in their profession.

According to the organizers, the goal for the day is to consider some of the different questions that surround teaching, while at the same time, humanizing the profession with a goal of improving the educational system. Mr. Pribble, who authored “Teacherland: Inside the Myth of the American Educator” will also be discussing some of the points made in his book. Marketing services for a function such as this can be provided by an area printer.

The seminar will be taking place in the Marin County Office of Education on November 8th. There is no fee being charged to participate.