Palliative and hospice care conference scheduled for Washington

October 27, 2017 by  

Providing personalized care at the end of life can make this period easier for both patients and their families, and to help make this happen, a conference has been planned in Washington D.C. for health care professionals that will explore this area.

The symposium will cover a large number of topics, and the organizers noted that they will do this from a perspective that is both ethical and centers on the client. There will be details shared about the role different professionals, such a social workers and psychologists, may play in providing end of life care and a discussion about the different types of assistance nurses, doctors and other provides can supply.

Participants will also have chance to talk about how they can identify and relate to the experiences of their patients and families, and will also reflect on their own views about the process. In addition, there will be conversations about how to approach the discussion of end of life care with individuals and their families and time for questions. Presentation folders can be designed for an event like this by a local printer, and these can be used to hold any handouts the participants in the symposium will receive.

The conference has been planned for socials workers, nurses, psychologists and others who work in a hospice or palliative care setting. It is being brought to the community courtesy of Your Health Concierge, and it will be held on November 4th at 700 12th N.W. The ticket price for the function is $145.00 each.