Majority of Raleigh voters approve bonds

October 25, 2017 by  

In a recent referendum on a bond issue for transportation issues, 73% of the voters approved the bond measure, with over three-quarters of the precincts reporting at the time the figure was released. The voters’ approval will allow Raleigh to issue bonds in the amount of $206.7 million to widen some streets and make other upgrades to the transportation system.

Of the total bond issue, approximately $142 will go to widening streets. Among the thoroughfares to be expanded are Atlantic Avenue, Tryon Road, Blue Ridge Road, and Six Forks Road. These are some of the most heavily-traveled thoroughfares in Raleigh.

Person and Blount streets, in downtown Raleigh, are currently one-way. An additional $6 million of the total raised by the bond would be used to change them to two-way streets. Another $14 million would provide the funds necessary to put sidewalks throughout the city.

If the bond issue is approved, the burden on property owners would be minimal. The measure would add about $32 per year to the taxes paid on a house appraised at $250,000.

The voter turnout was low, with about 15% of registered Raleigh voters going to the ballot box.

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