Newark to install metal detectors at city hall

October 25, 2017 by  

Although no timeline has been set, officials have decided to install new security devices when they visit the Newark Municipal Building. The city is planning to install a metal detector, a scanning device, and an x-ray machine at the entrance, similar to the machines now in use at the Licking County Courthouse.

The city council also approved creating two positions to be known as “security bailiffs,” who will run the machines. The main reason for adding the equipment is because the Licking County Municipal Court is in this building; all visitors will have to pass through the detectors, even if they’re not going to court.

Judge Michael Higgins said the measure was overdue, and believes that the inconvenience some people might experience is outweighed by the fact the security screening will make members of the public safer. He added that safety concerns were the main issue for installing the devices.

He added that in his estimate, approximately 90 percent of those who entire the building are going to court, and that there have been times when people carried weapons with them, though none of these occasions have proven to be life-threatening.

The money to pay for the bailiffs will come from the court budget, while the money for the equipment itself will come from the city.

A measure like this can affect an entire community, so officials might consider working with a newsletter printing company to create an update letter for residents.