Learning event on offer for Eden Prairie educators

October 24, 2017 by  

Eden Prairie educators who want to discover new tools they can use to produce a classroom of readers may wish to come to an event that will be taking place in the local area.

According to the organizers, the goal of the Leaders in Literacy event is to help teachers and other educators introduce tools such as MyON, which is an initiative that seeks to personalize literacy for each student. Attendees will find out how they can build the reading and writing proficiency in their pupils, the benefits of creating projects that are cross curricular, how MyON can be added to the daily agenda, and also how educators can adapt their teaching styles for the digital age.

The daylong workshop is being offered at no cost, and it will be hosted by MyON at 6625 West 78th Street in Bloomington. It is open to any teachers or other educators who feel it could be useful to them, and the schedule includes presentations by those who are already using the program. They will be sharing tips and best practices, and a local printer will be able to provide presentation folders for an event like this that can be filled with brochures and other information for the participants to take home with them.

The workshop will take place on November 1. Anyone who would like to register or find out more information can do so by visiting its event listing.