Women raise money with calendars

October 22, 2017 by  

Four women whose photographs were part of Hooters’ calendar recently stopped by one of its restaurants late one weekend afternoon in Gastonia to sign autographs and greet fans.

Recognized as Miss Hooters International, Chelsea Morgensen, a resident of Hollywood, California, was one of the four women in the contingent.

Breast cancer research will be receiving part of the funding from the proceeds of sales from the calendars. Morgenen said that this issue is near and dear to her family.

The other women from Hooters included Jessica Kiser from Gastonia, Katire James from Cary, and Alyssa Whitney from Greenville, South Carolina. Tables were set up for signing of calendars and photo opportunities.

The foursome has also been to restaurants in Concord and Mooresville. Whitney commented that the restaurant in Gastonia has been the busiest one so far, but everyone has been very supportive, and they have signed many calendars.

The plan for the restaurant is to raise this month $1m for cancer research. These funds will go to the Kelly Jo Dowd Breast Cancer Research Fund, which supports the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

When trying to drum up support for awareness and fundraising campaigns, flyers can be used to attract all types of people to fundraisers such as this one and to make known the cause which is benefiting from the fundraiser.