Flanders Park opens in Farmington

October 20, 2017 by  

The recent opening of a Farmington park saw almost 200 people come out to celebrate the event.

Flanders Park is located on part of the lot that once was home to Flanders Elementary School, which closed in 2010 after 48 years’ service in the Farmington Hills area. The park opening was attended by a number of people associated with the school, including Frank Delewsky, the institution’s original principal; former instructors Bob McLean and Pam Green; former school secretary Lauren Okopony; and Jim Raglund, who was one of the most recognizable teachers in the system.

Many of the alumni of the school were there as well, sharing memories of their experiences. One of these was the time in 1989 when Green’s class planted a tree as part of their lessons about the environment. The tree won both the school and the students the Keep Michigan Beautiful Award, and stood for 26 years, even when the school was torn down. The tree was finally taken down two years ago, but efforts by alumni resulted in a new tree being planted and dedicated along with the park. The tree has a plaque on the ground at its base that includes a quote from Mahatma Gandhi

The day included pizza from Marconi’s food truck, a bounce house for the kids, water, and a cake.

Outdoor venues can be enhanced if event organizers use colorful banners to decorate them for a celebration.