Lebanon asks for residents’ input

October 20, 2017 by  

Lebanon officials have created a draft version of a master plan for the community, and are asking for residents’ feedback on their ideas.

The draft has been made available online, and members of the public will be able to share their thoughts about the plan, which is called ‘Think! Downtown Master Plan’, at an upcoming meeting of the city council. The draft plan is based on feedback from stakeholders, meetings of five steering committees, and public comments.

Think! Downtown has taken the existing market and physical conditions in Lebanon, and used those findings as a basis on which to base key recommendations and goals. The plans seeks to capitalize on those assets that already exist, and improve those things that help enhance the city’s downtown.

The plan was guided by a number of principles, including the fact that momentum is already building in the form of previous plans, as well as ongoing efforts to make certain Lebanon’s downtown remains a community asset. The city’s planners hope to create a transparent, inclusive process where everyone has a say in their future, and where downtown development is encouraged.

The city council meeting is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, October 24. Meetings like this can be given a highly professional air if organizers work with a flyer printing company to create an agenda for attendees.