Longwood workshop to share the secrets of hydroponics

October 19, 2017 by  

Hydroponics is a soil-free method of growing plants for food or other reasons, and a Longwood workshop will equip those who participate with skills they need to use this method to grow lettuces for themselves.

During the Set it and Forget it Hydroponics session, representative from the UF/IFAS Extension Seminole County will be sharing information about the basic principles of using hydroponics. They will teach how to construct a growing bucket that can be used to grow lettuces right in their own home, and they will walk away from the course with three of these simple systems of their very own, along with three lettuce seedlings to grow indoors.

Each person who completes the session will receive the materials they need, including nutrients, seeds, and more. The ticket price will be $30 each, which includes the supplies, and each additional person will be asked to pay $10 each. The organizers remarked that the methods to be taught were chosen because they are easy to use and suitable for the home grower. A local print company can supply simple manuals that can be given to each attendee of a course like this.

The workshop will be held on November 1, and it has been planned for the UF/IFAS Extension Seminole County Auditorium. More details can be found on the organization’s website.