Revitalization surges forward for northeast area

October 18, 2017 by  

Last Wednesday, October 11, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for Oklahoma City’s northeast renovations.

One of the buildings that will see revitalization is 1708 NE 23rd Street, which has been abandoned. According to the CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce for Oklahoma City, Eran Harrill, the renovations will create retail, restaurant, and medical areas totaling 19,000 square feet. The medical space will benefit the neighborhood and help the northeast area keep pace with developments in the rest of the city, Harrill adds.

A day after the city council agreed to the renovations, which will cost $1.3m, construction started on the Oklahoma City Clinic. Scott Porter, the clinic’s COO, stated that they have been waiting for the project to start, and since most of the patients are on the north side of the city, he believes it would be wise to have a clinic there.

Pivot Project member Jonathan Dodson also believes the area needs more healthcare availability, noting that when they polled the neighborhood, the community cried out for better healthcare access.

The renovations are expected to be complete in 2018 in spring or summer.

For the rest of the space, which may be used for stores and restaurants, plans will need to be approved by the council. A poster printing company can create a colorful and clear plan to show officials.