One and all invited to fair housing workshop in Phoenix

October 15, 2017 by  

The city of Phoenix’s Equal Opportunity Department will be teaming up with the Southwest Fair Housing Council to present its fall workshop to the community, and anyone who feels it would be of benefit to them is welcome to attend.

This free session will be open to housing owners, landlords, tenants, and property staff alike, and those who work in the Real Estate field may be able to qualify for three hours of ADRE-authorized fair housing RELTOR relicensing credits. A variety of topics will be discussed, all of which will be related to the subject of equal opportunity to access both housing services, as well as housing itself, for everyone in the community.

Everyone is welcome, and anyone who has mobility challenges or who requires special accommodations is asked to contact 602-262-7486 or 602-534-1557/TTY so they can let the organizers know. Parking is available, and attendees are reminded to bring along their ticket so they can have it validated at the end of the session. A printing company will be able to supply copies of handouts and any other printed materials that will be used during an event like this.

This morning of learning has been planned for November 16, starting at 9:00 am. Anyone who is interested in finding out more can do so by visiting the organizer’s website.