Residents meet to chat about future of London

October 13, 2017 by  

People living in London had the opportunity to tell officials what they really wanted to see in their city at a town hall meeting at the beginning of October.

At the top of the wish list were management level jobs, a performing arts center, and annexation to make the city larger. Nearly 70 people were in attendance at the meeting hosted by the Kentucky League of Cities and the City of London.

Municipalities that are putting together town halls often use marketing services to make sure as many people know about the events as possible, and to encourage the highest levels of turnout.

The residents who attended the recent London Town Hall had a number of ideas on the ways the city could be improved. The leaders of the meeting, Bobbie Bryant and Tad Long, both from Kentucky League of Cities, asked attendees first what they valued most about London, then for a list of strengths and weaknesses about the city.

Attendees praised the city’s volunteerism and sense of community. Among the area’s strengths are its location, infrastructure, jobs, and schools. Weaknesses included traffic concerns. Residents were also concerned about housing options, particularly affordable housing, and about the lack of a performing arts center or local arts and crafts center.

The meeting this month is the first of three, although the dates for the next two have yet to be scheduled.