Construction of new fire station under budget at midway point

October 12, 2017 by  

Despite costly changes and delays, the budget allotted by Boardman Township officials for the replacement of its main fire station has been more than sufficient.

It is anticipated that the new Boardman fire station, which is near the halfway point, will finish under budget. A bid of $3,393,000 to replace the main station with a new one at the corner of Stadium Drive and Market Street was accepted and a contingency fund of 10%, or $339,300, was set aside.

Although unexpected expenses have cropped up, only a little over a third of the project’s contingency fund ($120,460.21) has been used. Should this trend continue and money is left over, brochure printers will likely receive at least one request to include this in future election literature.

Township trustee agreed to spend $65,000 to replace soil at the construction site. However, most of that money was returned to the fund when it was determined that the soil could be returned after being dried, thereby reducing the cost to $11,353.75. Another $11,746.26 was approved to make a variety of changes to the station.

The largest change order took $97,330.20 from the contingency fund for the extension of a waterline to ensure adequate water pressure at the station.

Originally, the project was to be finished by the end of 2017, but due to delays, a March completion date is now anticipated.