Progress on proposed Redondo Beach community garden stalled

October 4, 2017 by  

Samantha Iacobello has a vision for a vacant lot in Redondo Beach, but the city is moving slowly on her proposed community garden.

A property on the south side of Torrance Boulevard has been empty for over 30 year and is owned by the city. Seeing the potential, Iacobello who is a landscape architect, went to the city council in June 2016 to suggest the creation of a community garden. Now 16 months later, Iacobello is frustrated to be no closer to her vision of a community garden then when she started.

Progress has been slowed by a number of issues, such as Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and other laws pertaining to public facilities. Additionally, the city contends that although it wishes to create more parks, the lot in question may not be the most suitable location for a community garden due to accessibility.

Iacobello’s idea has attracted the support of the South Bay Parkland Conservancy, a nonprofit, as well as a petition with signatures of over 400 residents. Getting the word out with the help of a flyer printing service could likely result in even more signatures for Iacobello’s petition.

To raise awareness and support for both the community garden and the Conservancy, a garden party will be held this Saturday, October 7, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Wilderness Park.