North Versailles program set to make learning STEM subjects fun

September 30, 2017 by  

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) may seem like dry subjects to some, but a program that has been organized for the North Versailles area will seek to make it a whole lot more interesting by combining it with the popular sport of ice hockey.

Protractors to Pucks will provide real world examples of how the STEM subjects can be applied to everyday life. It consists of 12 learning modules, which have been developed, through the support of the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and align with both PA and NGSS standards. Students will use hockey as a way to learn about angles, phases and matter, area and perimeter, potential and kinetic energy, quantitative and qualitative data, and variables.

To help educators who plan on making use of the program in their classroom, each one who participates will be given their own account so that they can make use of the different supports that will be provided to them. To help them learn even more, a workshop will be held where they will receive more details about the initiative and how they can add it to their teaching plan. A printing services provider will be able to supply an assortment of printed materials for an event like this.

This introduction to the Protractors to Pucks program for educators will be held on October 13 at 475 E Waterfront Drive in Homestead. Free to attend, and those who plan on doing so are asked to bring along their laptop, tablet, or handheld device.