Leaf bags on the way

September 29, 2017 by  

Residents of Cottonwood Heights will soon be able to pick up leaf bags for fall cleanup, with a limit of one bundle per household.

There are 10 bags in each bundle, and the bags will be available at the Whitmore Library or Cottonwood Heights City Hall.

Leaf collection in the city is somewhat unusual. Crews will not collect the leaf bags from curbside; instead, residents are asked to bring the filled bags to Bywater Park, where the Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling District will retrieve them. If they wish, residents may use yard bags of their own, but Wasatch Front asks for the only waste dropped off at the park to be green yard waste.

Wasatch also suggests that rather than bagging the leaves, home owners try using them as mulch for the lawn, compost them, or dig them into the soil of a garden. Leaves used like this help soil retain moisture, and add nutrients.

With regard to the collection, they ask that residents refrain from dumping yard waste, garbage, or anything else at the site where they will be collecting leaf bags. They also ask for leaves not to be dumped in with recycling, and the leaf bags not to be put on the ground, but left in the designated trailers at the park.

The leaf bags should be ready to be picked up by October 1. Collection will start October 15, and will continue until the end of November.

Measures like this can impact an entire community, and officials might assist residents by working with a flyer printing company, which can devise a flyer to mail community-wide, sharing important information.