Huntington Beach to help pay for air show

September 28, 2017 by  

The Breitling Air Show is set to take place this weekend, thanks to a little help from the council.

When Air Support, the company that puts on the popular show, said it might not be able to continue bringing it to Huntington Beach, the city council agreed to raising its fees for parking, and give that money to the company. The city feels that the benefit derived by having the show in Huntington Beach makes up for the expense.

In addition to the money from the increased fees, the city has also agreed to allow Air Support a grace period of 45 days before it has to make certain specific payments to Huntington Beach. Officials estimate that by allow recreational vehicles to park, and raising the regular rates, the city will take in approximately $100,000 more than normal for a weekend.

One expense Air Support asked for was not agreed to; the company wanted Huntington Beach to cap its billing for public works and safety at 50%. The cost for these services is estimated at over $209,000, but the city refused. The costs will be borne by the promoter.

Despite this, Air Support’s Mike McCabe was happy with the arrangements, saying he was grateful the city has stepped up to help fund the three-day event, which takes place this weekend with practice tomorrow (September 29).

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