Friendship and community spirit on the mind of Alabaster diners

September 26, 2017 by  

A new local friendship club is helping people to meet and socialize with others in the community.

Alabaster residents Jamie Olliff and Kirsten Steele have formed the Alabaster Supper Club to help people meet and get to know their neighbors in Alabaster and the surrounding communities. For them, it was about helping bring people together while also supporting local businesses.

The pair formed a Facebook group and use the page to send out open invitations to anyone that wants to join in with food and fun conversation. There are no restrictions on age, religion, or gender. Singles, couples, and families are all welcome.

The club is a new creation that has only been meeting for several weeks but has consistently gained attention and new followers. A group of regulars has formed and new arrivals are appearing. It offers an opportunity for businesses as well as the club members; area pubs, restaurants and bars are welcome to use banners and their marketing services to notify this club and any others that may form that they are open for gatherings of this type.

Anyone interested should visit the Alabaster Supper Club Facebook page for the dates and locations of upcoming dinner outings. It can be a way for new residents to meet their neighbors and for people that dislike dining alone to have companionship.