Archaeological dig scheduled for Edison House

September 22, 2017 by  

The Middlesex County Office of Arts and History is extending an invitation to all interested parties to partake in an archaeological dig.

It will take place at a site that was once the home of inventor Thomas Edison, in Menlo Park.

Edison was sometimes known by his nickname, the ‘Wizard of Menlo Park’ because he made many of his breakthroughs in this location. He invented the lightbulb and the phonograph, and during the years he worked in the area, applied for more than 400 patents.

A commemorative tower has been built over the spot where the famous inventor had his laboratory, but the exact site of his home has been lost. The upcoming dig will try to find Edison’s home’s foundations, and any artifacts that might be associated with it.

In addition to the county’s arts and history office, the Archaeological Society of New Jersey and the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park are conducting the dig. The Edison Center will be open during the two-day event, and a shuttle bus will run from there to the site of the dig.

The dig will take place this weekend, September 23 and 24, from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. The Thomas Edison Center is located on Christie Street in Edison, and the event is free.

Events like this can be made even more exciting if organizers create colorful brochures giving a biographical sketch of the subject, and diagrams of the site.