Somerville area celebration to put Bengali culture in the spotlight

September 24, 2017 by  

Somerville will soon be playing host to a celebration that will showcase Bengali food, culture, fashion, and more.

Those who attend the Kali Puja festivities Tagore Banquet Hall will be treated to an afternoon and evening of activities. It is open to all ages, and each child who comes out will receive a special gift.

The plans for the function include a sit-down meal, which will feature goat meat and a treat for the kids as well. Traditional Bengali snacks will be served in addition.

The cultural program for the occasion will showcase Bengali-style dance, and there will be both comedic and dramatic components to the show as well. Music fans can take in a performance by IMON Band, and the whole event will be capped off with a fireworks display.

An assortment of vendor tables will be available for the crowd to browse through, as well as a magic show, activity tables for the younger set, and a photo both to capture memories of the day. Direct mail printing can be used to craft postcards, flyers, and other items that can be mailed to households in the area to promote a function such as this.

This event has been planned for October 31. More information about it can be found on the organizer’s website.