Lake Worth event to focus on credit scores

September 22, 2017 by  

Credit scores and how they work can sometimes seem confusing and mysterious, but an event that will be taking place near Lake Worth will explain both what they mean and how they work.

The free workshop will give those who take part a more in-depth knowledge of what someone’s credit score means, how it works, and how they can maintain good credit. It will explore different ways a person can maintain their financial stability, and also how they can manage any credit card debt they may have before it gets out of control.

The workshop is being offered free of charge to anyone who meets the financial criteria set by the organizers. This is based on family size and income, and those who attend will be asked to show proof of theirs through either their most recent tax assessment and return, or their two most current pay stubs and a statement from their bank account. Those who do not work are asked to bring proof of their social security payments or other income. A printer’s graphic design department will be able to create an assortment of promotional products for a function like this.

The evening of November 20 has been selected as the date for the workshop, and it will be held in the UF/IFAS Seminole County Extension Auditorium in Sanford. A complete event description, including a chart showing the maximum income for family size for those who wish to attend, can be found on the listing for the function.