McKinney evening to explore financial aid options for students

September 22, 2017 by  

Anyone who is considering attending McKinney’s Collins College and wants to find out more about their financing options may wish to make plans to attend an information session that has been organized for early this fall.

The institution’s financial aid office will be hosting an evening that will explore the different choices students have when paying for their postsecondary studies. There will be a discussion of the terminology used in the process of applying for financial aid, as well as how the application procedure works. Details about different scholarships opportunities will also be on the agenda, and staff members will remain on site afterwards to answer any questions the crowd may have to ask of them.

The function is free of charge to attend, and it is open to everyone, whether they plan on attending Collins College or another postsecondary institution. Calendars that have been printed to show important dates for those who will be applying for finical aid can be prepared for an event like this by a printer.

October 2 has been set as the date for the information session, and it will run from 6:30 until 8:30. It will take place in the Central Park Campus of Collins College, which is located at 2200 West University Drive in McKinney.