Flemington to welcome 14th Annual Hunterdon Holistic Fair

September 21, 2017 by  

An event that will give members of the public an opportunity to explore the world of holistic medicine has been planned for the Flemington area, and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Hunterdon Holistic Fair will bring together a variety of holistic healthcare practitioners and other experts in the field all under one roof. There will be panel discussions covering variety of topics, and there will also be an assortment of workshops that guests can choose to attend. The organizers noted that the seating numbers have been increased to accommodate up to 285 people for the presentations.

Along with the panel and other discussion, a vendor’s area will be set up for attendees to browse through. An assortment of mediums will also be on hand to provide readings, and those who come out can choose to book one if they wish. Brochure printing can be used to craft pamphlets and other marketing materials for individuals and companies that participate in an event like this.

The organizers have planned for the whole event to be family friendly, and all ages are welcome. A portion of the proceeds from the day will be donated to the NORWESCAP Career and Life Center, which provides a range of emergency and self-sufficiency services to individuals on the area.

The fair will be held on Saturday, October 28 in Hunterdon Central High School. More info is available on the event’s listing.