Cary becomes home to new therapy practice

September 20, 2017 by  

A new office of Wake Counseling and Medication will be opening in Cary and offering a pilot program for group therapy.

The practice works with children of five years of age and older, teens, and adults, says the founder of Wake Counseling and Medication, Manpreet Lehal, M.S., NCC, LPCS. Therapists who work with teenagers receive special training, she added, so that when a new patient who is a teenager comes to the practice, the emotions of the teenager are evaluated first, followed by a determination of the kind of treatment that will be used.

PTSD and the treatment of trauma, couples counseling, depression, and anxiety are some of the services offered by the practice. Patients with addictions can be treated behaviorally or with evidence-based cognitive treatments, as such additions are often related to a problem in mental health, Lehal said, but may also be referred to intensive in-patient care.

The pilot program newly introduced at the Cary location is for group therapy session for children and teenagers, which will provide a supportive environment for these patients. October is when these group therapy sessions are planned to be open.

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