Wauwatosa event to explore cyber security and liability

September 16, 2017 by  

In an ever increasingly electronic world, cyber security is an issue few companies will be able to ignore, and a workshop that will be held in Wauwatosa will explore the topic in depth.

The full day long session, which has been dubbed ‘Cyber Liability: Being Prepared is Better Than Scared’, will cover an assortment of topics related to cyber security and legal responsibility. Participants will be taught about best practices with respect to network security and also how to assess the effectiveness of their protection including how to recover their system in case of disaster.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and how this relates to the protect if privacy will be discussed, and each person who registers will walk away from the day with a better understanding of their company’s CVMIC Cyber Liability Insurance and Resources. Marketing services for an event like this can be provided by a local printing company.

The event will be divided into four sections, and there will be no fee charged to participate. It will be held at 9898 W. Blue Mound Road in Training Center A, and anyone who is interested in signing up to take part or who wants to find out more has been invited to contact Katelyn Brozovich at 262-522-8560 ext. 112 or through email at katelyn@ontech.com.