Carlsbad gets to grips with Lego

September 16, 2017 by  

Lego Serious Play is an initiative developed to help companies and organizations tap into their employees’ creative side, and a class will be held in Carlsbad that will qualify the participants to be certified facilitators of this technique.

The instruction is intended for those in human resources as well as project managers, coaches, educators, trainers and anyone else interested in strengthening their team building skills. The organizers noted that the methodology, which is research driven and internationally recognized, can help groups to approach problem solving in new and innovative ways. A printing services company will be able to supply any instructional materials that are needed for a learning opportunity such as this.

Those who successfully complete the three days of training will be able to offer their leadership and esprit de corps building services to both groups and teams, and they will also have a toolkit that includes several possible workshop outlines they can use to help plan their own events. The course fee includes all the materials, as well as breakfast and lunch each day.

The three-day seminar will begin on Sunday, October 3, and it will run until Tuesday, October 5. It will take place in LEGOLAND, which can be found in Carlsbad. Anyone who needs additional information has been asked to contact the organizer through its website.