Greenville to receive new music venue

September 16, 2017 by  

Residents of Greenville, South Carolina will be receiving a new music venue soon after the Dr. Mac Arnold’s Blues Restaurant closes down.

The new restaurant opening in Dr. Mac Arnold’s Blues Restaurant’s place will be known as the Tipsy Music Club and will have an entirely new food menu, but will still feature local music as well as musicians and bands from across the nation.

It has also been reported that the restaurant will still display a 17-foot-tall guitar that was previously a decoration at the Hames Music Store in Gaffney, South Carolina before it was shut down.

The Tipsy Music Club is expected to open in October of this year after the building has been re-outfitted and renovated by the new owners. The new owners are Trish Balentine and Roger Carlton, who own the Tipsy Taco restaurant, and Charles Hedgepath and Steven Scott, who own Chass Productions, which is a music talent booking agency.

To get an idea of the food that will be served at the new music venue and the type of atmosphere that it will have, visit the Tipsy Taco website for their current menu and pictures of the restaurant. While it is still running, those who are interested can visit the Dr. Mac Arnold’s Blues Restaurant website to see videos and flyers related to the events that were held there.