Austin crews help to Florida assist after storm

September 13, 2017 by  

The power was barely back on in Austin after tropical storm Harvey when a team from Austin Energy set out for Florida.

Hurricane Irma struck the Florida Keys on early Sunday morning. At the same time, 31 employees from Austin Energy left for Jacksonville, Florida. Irma was expected to strike that area over night.

After a 1,000-mile journey, the crews will be there to bring power back to any customers that lost it after the storm. Austin Energy decided to make the trip after it was contacted by the Jacksonville Electric Authority for help.

Both utility companies are community-owned. They depend on support and assistance from other community and local companies in times of need. Utility companies often turn to print companies to help create informative documents for residents, detailing what to do in the event of a power outage.

Austin Energy recently had plenty of experience restoring power to customers who lost it during a storm. Harvey left more than 79,000 households without power. The utility had to replace 50 poles. In the days following the storm, it received thousands of calls about downed wires, branches on wires, and low wires. It took until Wednesday of last week for it to correct all the damage done by the storm.

The crew was unsure how long it would stay in Florida, but did reassure customers back in Texas that all operations there would continue as they usually do.