Richmond business shows appreciation to first responders

September 13, 2017 by  

For more than a dozen years, Cash Express, which has two locations in Richmond, has been expressing its gratitude to local first responders.

Every year around September 11, employees at the stores set out cards for customers and other residents to sign. The cards then get distributed to first responders.

This year, Cash Express employees visited five different locations last Friday. The employees brought the first responders a cake with ‘Thank You for Your Service!’ written on it. Each location also received a colorful, decorated card.

Local businesses that want to recognize the efforts and contributions of first responders and others in their area can use stationery printers to produce cards or letters. Savannah Young, who has been the manager at Cash Express in Richmore for more than three years, also tries to get other local companies involved in the appreciation efforts.

She brings cards to local companies, so that employees at other businesses can sign them. She told the Richmond Register that she looks forward to the event each year because it’s important to let first responders know that their work is appreciated and that people care.

Among the locations visited by Cash Express employees were the Kentucky State Police post, the Richmond Fire Department and the Madison County EMS station.

Joe Riffe, who works with the EMS, described the campaign as ‘wonderful’.